Badger Insights

Hazard Mitigation

Are small spills exposing you to significant risk?

Any spills are a safety issue for both staff and customers

The Badger™ robot automates hazard detection

Keep It Clean

The Badger™ robot automates hazard detection and reporting, improving audit and compliance operations—and making the store cleaner and safer for everyone.

The Badger™ robot makes sure your stores are safe.

Increase Safety

The Badger™ robot identifies and addresses hazards such as spills, shrink wrap, produce, coffee beans, and other items.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

Eliminate inconsistent performance and/or reporting with The Badger™ robot.

Improve Compliance

The Badger™ robot can archive data from a spill and cleanup with both records and images, as required

What else can The Badger™ robot do?