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Revenue lost through out-of-stock-items

When retailers are out-of-stock, shoppers purchase the item at a competitive store over 30% of the time, resulting in lost revenue.
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Less than half of retailers have the ability to measure planogram compliance

Compliance isn’t small potatoes. It is estimated that retailers globally lose almost $500B through out of stock, inventory and other in-store inconsistencies.
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3 Days

20% of out of stock items will remain unresolved for three days or more.

Every time your shoppers find an empty shelf instead of the item on their list, you experience lost revenue and an erosion of loyalty. This puts unnecessary pressure on already thin margins.
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Integrated system featuring the Badger Technologies automated retail platform and a host of solutions proven to increase profitability.

Learn more about the Badger Technologies autonomous robot and the insights it delivers right to your fingertips.
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Executive Leadership

Greater insight leading to increased profitability

While Badger Technologies Robots do their work in-store, they contribute at an enterprise level providing actionable insights that drive higher margins chainwide.

Store Managers

Advanced tools for improved performance

Managers want their stores to stand out. Badger Technologies helps them get there by keeping prices right, shelves full, and aligned with the planogram.

Valued Customers

Safe, clean and well-stocked shopping experiences

While children are always curious, the adults only seem to notice the spotless aisles and organized shelves.

In-store Associates

An assistant to help with routine tasks

Our Robots look for SKUs on the wrong shelf and prices that are out of date. Your employees are freed up to do what they do best — serve your customers.

Those who wonder... what's next

This is just the beginning of a renaissance in retail

Great things are coming to retail. Learn more about what’s next for Badger Technologies and why this is just the start.

Autonomous Robots Rule: Largest Rollout In Grocery Industry

Tim Rowland
Chief Executive Officer

Autonomous Robots Rule: Largest Rollout In Grocery Industry

The First Report on Robots In The Aisle

The Early ROI Suggests They Are Here To Stay.

The First Report on Robots In The Aisle