A workforce multiplier engineered for the security guard industry
PatrolBot is a workforce multiplier that is added to your current guard services enabling you to increase operational productivity, reduce overall cost, and increase profits

Introducing the PatrolBotâ„¢
Deploy Patrolbot To Increase Efficiency And Lower Costs
When you add PatrolBot to your workforce, you increase efficiency and lower costs for each shift. When gathering and sending incident information to another guard or security operation center (SOC), PatrolBot is all you need
The Badgerâ„¢ PatrolBot solves two major industry challenges
Labor Availability And Cost

PatrolBot is an autonomous robot that mirrors guard activity. Use your security workforce management software to direct PatrolBot activities and send the appropriate alert to another guard or SOC. PatrolBot verifies that windows and doors are closed. It checks to determine if fire extinguishers and defibrillators are in their proper place. It inspects floors for debris, water or other hazards. PatrolBot can even investigate alarms or areas not supported by cameras. All for less than 70% of a full-time security guard.*

Make PatrolBot part of your total security solution




Set the tour(s) with your Guard Management software and the fully autonomous robot executes the mission; the PatrolBot modifies routes to avoid obstacles and works effectively around people.


Equipped with streaming video camera(s), the PatrolBot allows command center staff to view the robot’s exact location and access the live video feed.

Incident Management

Fixed position cameras are programmed to take pictures of doors, windows, fire extinguishers and blockages as the robot executes its tour.

What else can Badger do?

*Based on a minimum usage of 270 hours per month and our basic security software package